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お買い物の流れ How to shopping




Please put the item you purchase in the shopping cart and push the order button at the end.
The confirmation mail of the order will automatically reply, but please do not still pay yet.
If you do not receive the reply mail, it is considered that there is a mistake in the mail address or there is a problem in the reception setting.
Set up so that you can receive mail from
We will send you an invoice that calculated an accurate shipping cost from here.
Payment is PayPal only.
We can not accept any other payment methods.

送料について about shipping cost


Since the shipping cost varies according to the area of your residence, we will inform you of the shipping cost after we check the size and weight of the package again in order to ship the prizes purchased here.
Sagawa Express will be shipped in Japan, EMS will be sent overseas.
Those who need insurance will be quoted separately, so please let me know so.

税金について About tax

Prices include tax. No additional taxes will be added on checkout.

Tariffs may be applied depending on the area of your overseas residence.
In that case, we ask you to pay the necessary tax amount by yourself and receive the package.




PAYPAL payment, please be sure to confirm the contents of the invoice sent from PAYPAL.
The final billing amount may change due to the presence or absence of inventory of customers' residences and products or application of various insurance.
Be sure to confirm the contents of the invoice on payment.

会員制限についてAbout member limitation

我々のPOLICE SPINNER RESTORE PROJECT は会員制の参加形のクラウドファンディングです。

Our POLICE SPINNER RESTORE PROJECT is a membership-based participatory crowdfunding.
The person who can approve of the police spinner restore gathers the funds by purchasing the commodity and the plan will progress.
For that reason, we ask you to register in advance the information on those who you agree with.

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